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VAAMnational New 14 in 1 heart shape ice cube tray set of 3 Brown Brown Plastic Ice Cube Tray Brown Plastic Ice Cube Tray (Pack of3)


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The ÒMIX 8Ó is an essential unit for all those laboratories without pasteurizers for the preparation of ice cream mixes starting from fresh ingredients, for the hot melting of powders, cocoa, oily pastes and much more.
It is a precious tool for the preparation of culinary specialities requiring a gentle heating with continuous agitation.
The dynamic glycol bain-marie system allows the set up of the temperature up to 90¡C (194¡F) for a gentle heating, without changing the organic characteristics of the products.

¥ Bain-Marie mix treatment system.
¥ 8-litre capacity steel cylinder-block vat.
¥ Quick release eccentric beater for the best mixing of the product and an homogeneous distribution of the heat.
¥ Limited size and dimensions to facilitate the positioning of the equipment in every part of the laboratory.
¥ The particular shape of the dispenser allows to put the MIX 8 on top of the ÒTÓ and ÒTITANÓ batch freezers in order to pour hot mixes directly into the barrel.
¥ The IES electronic eliminates the phenomenon of the thermal inertia, thanks to a patented system, which allows an extreme working precision at the desired temperatures, reducing the energy consumption.

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