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Follett UMD425A80425 lb. Undercounter Micro Chewblet Ice Machine


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The Follett 425 lb Undercounter Micro Chewblet Ice Machine (UMD425A80) acts as a compact and easy way of producing industry-standard ice. The unit makes porous micro chewblet ice chunks perfect for keeping produce fresh and absorbing juices, even in hot climates. The design is great for keeping under any counter or surface, or freestanding with the detachable legs the unit comes with, making it easy to place into any space. Features such as the front ventilation and rear access for electricity make it even easier to set up and use. With a thorough cleaning cycle and a sturdy evaporator among the other features, youÕre guaranteed a long-lasting and low-maintenance machine capable of mass-producing high quality ice.
Micro chewblet ice output: Produces chewblet ice chunks that are small, easy to chew, slow to melt and great for absorbing the flavor of drinks Ð creating a tasty ice chunk once the drink is all gone
An industry standard: Chewblet ice is used in a vast array of business sectors Ð from hospitals to restaurants. The versatile nature of this ice makes it perfect for keeping things cool and fresh in any workplace
Great storage: The unit comes with a detachable bin that can store up to 90 lbs of the maximum 425 lbs. of chewblet ice the machine produces
Easy to install and use: The rear utility access drastically reduces the amount of clearance needed for installation and prevents it from taking up too much space
Front ventilation: The frontal ventilation of the unit eliminates the need for top, side or back clearance, effortlessly fitting into even the most awkward space
Flushing for improved ice quality: A flushing mechanism on the unit allows you to scale down and refine the ice chewlets to a quality that suits you
Durable design for a lengthy lifespan: A semi-automatic cleaning cycle, stainless steel evaporator and tapered rolling bearing gives the unit amazing durability
Saves on energy bills: No defrost cycles required Ð costing you less in energy bills and maintaining a high quality output

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